Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Seeing today is Halloween, my thoughts turn to the paranormal. It is, after all, the day when all the ghosts, goblins and spirits are suppose to be the most active. I don't know how much of that I actually believe. I do know that I can't help but to think about my visit to the Pawnee Ranch and Museum. Truth be told, I can't get it out of my mind. That was first time I had ever known I had been, without any doubt, involved in some sort of paranormal activity.

Until that day in Pawnee, I had never believed in ghosts or spirits wandering the earth. My faith tells that when people die, they immediately go one place or another. Granny taught me that. I was raised on it. What happened to me didn't shatter my faith in God or Heaven or Hell. It made me consider other options that might explain the paranormal activity I had witnessed.

If anything, my Pawnee paranormal activity strengthened my faith. I believe in angels and demons. They walk every step with us. They are assigned to each of us. Angels are there to lead us, guide us and to protect us. Demons are there to get us into as much trouble as they can, to throw stumbling blocks at us to get us off our perfect path. I have dealt with both angels and demons in the past. I understand them and their purpose. There is no mystery, if that is what caused the paranormal activity at the Pawnee Ranch and Museum.

Do angels and demons linger after we are gone? Do they stick around, waiting for their next assignment? If the answer is yes, that almost explains the paranormal activity I was witness to. I don't have to ponder energy and ghosts. I can simply tell myself that those assigned to help us and hinder us are waiting for their next job.

There are a few problems I have with angels and demons being the cause of the paranormal activity. In the past when I've experienced the presence of angels and demons, I had a sense of good or evil - depending on what was with me at the time. I felt neither one when I was in Pawnee. It was neither comforting or scary. Another problem is why would angels care if I took photos? I wasn't going to use the photos for something that was wrong. Based on that, my theory of angels or demons causing the paranormal activity is blown out of the water. It would be impossible.

I really want answers as to what caused the paranormal activity at the Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum. I'll keep trying to figure it out. Maybe I'll find some sort of answer somewhere, someday. Until then, I will have to accept that paranormal activity can't always be explained.

Happy Oklahoma traveling,

Emma Riley Sutton