Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Good Okie Wine

I'm a baseball connoisseur, not a wine connoisseur. I know what I like and I know what I don't like. That's all that matters to me. I have varied tastes. I love the fruity ones and the spicy ones. A rich dry wine is perfect for me as is sharply sweet wine. Thankfully, I found a rather interesting wine made right here in Oklahoma. After one glass, it became one of my favorite wines of all times. I'm talking about the jalapeno raisin wine from the Plain View Winery in Lahoma.

If you are looking for fancy "wine words," you won't find them here. I've never written a wine review. In fact, I don't think I've ever seriously read a wine review. I simply drink wine occasionally and I finally found one that is worth writing about.

This jalapeno raisin wine is unlike any wine I've ever tasted before. It isn't spicy and it doesn't have the "jalapeno heat" I was expecting. It is warm though. The aftertaste has a bit of the jalapeno heat I was expecting, but it is very subtle. It isn't something you would notice unless you were really paying attention to it. I suppose the sweetness of the raisin balances the heat and the fruitiness. It reminds me of a smooth bourbon, but with the texture of a wine.

What should you drink it with? I don't have a clue. I drank my with a combination pizza from Mazzio's. I tend to drink wine I like with food I like. Yes, I mix red wine with fish and white wine with steak. Hey, I'm the one drinking the wine and eating the food. Why shouldn't I eat and drink what I like?

I've made that about as clear as mud, haven't I? Let me make it a little bit clearer. It is a good wine and you should try it. Be careful, though. Never drink and drive or operate machine. Sorry, you've probably heard that before. And, if you aren't old enough to drink, don't do it. For the record, my mom hat never comes off. You should know that this wine has quite a kick. One glass and I was done. I had a second because I was at home and it tasted so good! So...

If you're ever in Lahoma, stop in the Plain View Winery and pick up a bottle or two. Stop into your local liquor store and see if they carry it. A little FYI - the Browns Bottle Shop in Stillwater is where I bought it. They even offered a 10% discount off all Oklahoma wines. I now know where I'm shopping for all my Okie wines.

Happy Oklahoma traveling,

Emma Riley Sutton

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